Victoria TGA Tarot Events

The Tarot Guild’s workshops and activities will now be held on the first Saturday of each month at the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria Hall, 1 Gardenia Street, Blackburn.

The monthly TGA Tarot workshops are a great way to learn about the Tarot and other related topics, and to meet other Tarot enthusiasts. You don't need to be a Tarot expert - all are welcome!

Cost: $8 TGA members; $14 visitors

Light refreshments are provided at all workshops.

Saturday, 3 March 2018
1:30pm - 3:30pm

Heather Wilks is the Vice-President of the Dowsing Society of Victoria (DSV). She is a professional dowser who uses a pendulum for healing and to transform relationships, animals, and challenging situations. Her practical book ‘Dowsing Heals’ covers basic to advanced dowsing, with useful scripted protocols.

Heather teaches pendulum dowsing and often uses it as part of her integrative healing practice. She works in person and online in Carnegie. She also offers Absent/Remote Healing. Her goal is to help people make profound and lasting changes in less time than more conventional methods.


Discover the magic of pendulum dowsing.

Would you like to discover how to take the basics of Yes/No pendulum dowsing to a new level?

                               To learn how to change energy to overcome feelings of anxiety and helplessness?

To discover the power at your fingertips to provide some easy community service when needed?

Advanced dowsing like this is not widely known or often shared.

This is a special opportunity to discover the empowering skills of pendulum dowsing to make exciting and dramatic changes in your own life and to help others. (Please bring a pendulum if you have one.)


In Heather’s presentation to the Tarot Guild on 3 March, she will focus on:

• Yes/No dowsing Basic Dowsing to help make life easier.

• Introducing Advanced Dowsing to change energy to heal and transform.

Please note new Venue

South Melbourne Town Hall

208 - 220 Bank Street South Melbourne Vic 3004