Victoria TGA Tarot Events

The Tarot Guild’s workshops and activities will now be held on the first Saturday of each month at the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria Hall, 1 Gardenia Street, Blackburn.

The monthly TGA Tarot workshops are a great way to learn about the Tarot and other related topics, and to meet other Tarot enthusiasts. You don't need to be a Tarot expert - all are welcome!

Cost: $8 TGA members; $14 visitors

Light refreshments are provided at all workshops.

Saturday, 2 September 2017
Doors open at 1.00pm with a 1.30pm Workshop start. Finishing at 3.30pm including a 20 minute tea break
Field Naturalist Club of Victoria, 1 Gardenia Street, BLACKBURN, VIC, 3130
$8 for TGA Members, $14 for Visitors, Light refreshments are provided
Most tarot readings include a question about relationships – and we have to remember that we have relationships with not only our partner, but our children, parents, siblings, business colleagues. In Kabbalah we teach that human beings are on this earth to learn many things – one of the most important is to know how to be in relationship with one another and yet it seems to be the most difficult of lessons. The way we approach relationship readings is a measure of our skill as a Tarot Counsellor. 
This workshop, with Evelynne Joffe, will show us how to improve the way we approach questions about relationships and truly provide a counselling approach through the use of Tarot.
Evelynne Joffe is the founding Vice President and a Past President of the Tarot Guild of Australia. She works as a Tarot Counsellor and teacher, Dream Therapist and Kabbalah teacher and has lectured widely on the Tarot and the Kabbalah.
Please note - Workshops will now commence at 1.30pm with doors opening at 1.00pm