Meet our Tarot Readers and Teachers
Jenny Higgins
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Kate Ellis
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Cheryl Ford
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Jenne Perlstein
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Stella Woods
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Marlana McCarthy
Reader, VIC
Martha Adams
Reader, Teacher, SA
Sara Gilbert
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Anne Shotter
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Molly Talbot
NSW/ACT, Reader, Teacher
Linda Henery
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Kerry Gummersall
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Natasha Watkins
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Linda Marson
NSW/ACT, Reader, Teacher
Naomi Towers
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Elizabeth Wheldrake
Reader, Teacher, SA
Anne Button
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Belinda Vandyk
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Suzanne Belmore
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Laura Fitzgerald
Reader, QLD
Evelynne Joffe
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Tania Yorgey
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Jennifer Houston
NSW/ACT, Reader, Teacher
Ann Trueman
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Mark Davies
Reader, VIC
Jeni Bethell
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Kim Allen
Reader, Teacher, SA

Tarot Guild of Australia Membership

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The TGA Committee

The Tarot Guild of Australia's Committee includes a wide variety of Tarot readers, authors, and professionals from all over the Australian Tarot community, who all generously donate their time and energy to building the Tarot Guild of Australia and continuing to grow interest in the Tarot within the community.

Learn more about the 2016 committee members below

Rider Waite wheel of Fortune card

TGA President - Sue Belmore

2016 Card - Wheel of Fortune

I started my Tarot Journey 23 years ago when a friend gave me a Golden Dawn Tarot Deck.  Since then I have never looked back.

My fascination and love has always been of the Tarot’s symbols and characters and so my study and reading of the Tarot and other divination tools over the years has been enriched with their history, beautiful art, stories, science, and the possibilities for healing. For me the Tarot is a tool of insight, passion, divination, and story-telling.

As a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild I offer my skill as a reader to my clients. I have found the Tarot in its many forms to be a wonderful gift that enables people to journey though the positive steps they can take towards fulfilling their life’s purpose; an interactive experience where one can explore the many messages in the cards.  As a new committee member I am committed to helping the guild make Tarot accessible to all who are interested in discovering it's richness and beauty.

Contact Sue at 0427 660 006.

Committee - Ann Wright

2016 Card - The Fool

Ann’s first experience of Tarot was over twenty-five years ago with the Mother Peace deck. She found the round cards a challenge so it was not until seven years ago after moving to Melbourne, that she revisited her interest in Tarot. She attended one day several workshops before completing the one year course on reading the Tarot with Stella Woods.

Tarot reading is a hobby that Ann shares with friends and often finds its perspective on issues powerful and useful. She is Professional Member of the guild and works for to support its work in building the professionalism of guild membership. Ann is the Committee Secretary preparing agendas and minutes for its meetings, arranging the AGM and dealing with correspondence.

Contact Ann

Rider Waite magician card

Treasurer - Kristen Andersen

2016 Card - The Magician

Committee - Eve McGee

2016 - The Sun

Secretary - Catherine Lavender 

2016 Card  - Judgement

Committee - Craig Wood

2016 Card - The Devil

Committee - Kris Copal

2016 Card - Justice

Committee - Eloise Myer

2016 Card  - High Priestess

NSW Coordinator - Jennifer Housten

2016 Card - Justice

Jennifer Housten has been a Psychic Tarot Consultant, an Astrologer and a Numerologist for 20 years. "I combine these skills to bring clarity to a situation, inspiriation, guidance and accuracy. I connect to the angels, spirit guides and past lives for insight. "Jennifer is the current coordinator for the Tarot Guild of Australia in Sydney.

Contact Jennifer at or 0412 355 641

SA Coordinator - Martha Adams

2016 Card - Wheel of Fortune

I have been reading Tarot, Angel-Tarot, Playing and Oracle cards for 30 years and, from 2010, have had the pleasure of teaching and facilitating workshops in Tarot; including the T.G.A.’s Adelaide-CBD monthly meet-ups. I also enjoy researching and learning about Tarot and write for The Magician Magazine. With 20 years working in management, counselling and adult education, my intention when teaching or giving a reading is to always offer accurate, insightful, positive and helpful guidance.

Linda Henery drew the Justice card as our immediate outgoing President.