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About The Tarot Guild of Australia

The Tarot Guild of Australia (TGA) represents a community of Tarot enthusiasts, readers and teachers from across Australia and worldwide and provides a great avenue for like-minded people to connect and discuss all things tarot – something we all love to do! The TGA is a membership-based organisation, offering those with an interest in Tarot the opportunity to become Interest or Professional Members.

The primary aim of the TGA is to raise public interest and awareness of the Tarot, to promote the study of the Tarot, to maintain ethical standards in the practice of reading Tarot via professional certification and to provide a network for further education and sharing information amongst members. The TGA offers Tarot events and workshops in major Australian cities and provides an opportunity to connect and network with like-minded individuals while learning about the Tarot.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to tarot or a seasoned professional – we have something on offer for everyone!

You can join either as an interest member or as a tarot professional.

Please take the time to read through our site and make sure you check back regularly, as we have many exciting events on the horizon.

Latest News

Welcome to our ‘new’ Tarot Guild of Australia Website!

tower tarot cardIt is so exciting to be able to launch our new website. The old or the original website served our needs very well for the first few years but after several reconstructions, collapsed. It was most fortunate that the website you are now viewing was well under construction before the old one spectacularly disintegrated in a real-life Tower experience.

I would like to share some history of the new website. The new Committee elected in June 2017 was fortunately very keen to establish several strategic priorities with the complete re-visioning of the website being the first priority on our new Strategic Plan.

Following the formation of the Website Design Committee under the leadership of Cheryl Ford, a fully documented Scoping Document was prepared with competitive quotations being called from six organisations competent in working with the WordPress platform chosen by the Committee.

In December 2017 Keely Worth of Worthdesigning, an experienced sole proprietor was appointed as our web designer. Work really got under way in February with Cheryl acting as the liaison between TGA and Worthdesigning.

The design brief that Keely has followed has had the primary key purpose to provide information on Tarot and Education with a secondary key purpose to provide additional services to all TGA Members.

the fool tarot cardAs a first initiative the Homepage Banner and Logos, whilst not unique in terms of being animated, is unique in terms of the very creative imagery. What better than the intrepid nature of the Fool. A huge thank you to Cheryl Ford’s son Aron Tardini from Southridge Enterprises for his generous and talented design contribution which we hope you enjoy.

We also have Membership and eCommerce Modules that bring much needed new functionality, opening up many opportunities for members and the Guild, including:

  • Members Sign In form using your email address as the username
  • Your own Profile area where you can upload a photo of yourself, write a brief bio and update your details and preferences.
  • Multiple Membership levels with different pricing and functionality.
  • Online processing of New Memberships with automated sending of a confirmation email with receipt, printable membership card, a link to the latest Magician and a link to enable them to download a complimentary workshop recording of their choice for free.
  • Automated sending of Membership Renewal Notices and Premium Listing invoices via email
  • Online processing of Membership Renewal Fees and Premium Listing Fees with automated sending of a receipt plus a new printable membership card for renewals
  • An Events Page to keep members informed of upcoming events
  • The eCommerce functionality (online shopping) enables the purchase of various products both digital downloads such as TGA Workshop recordings and accompanying notes/PDFs, PDF downloads of current and back copies of The Magician, Webinars and Vlogs/Videocasts.
  • Videocasts of Monthly Workshops and Educational Webinars. Ultimately, we will be working towards these events being live in the near future, so as to benefit Members in remote or regional areas.

From a simple perspective the new website will make basic interactions like paying your membership, checking events and interacting with members of the Committee much easier in the future. We will be here to help you get started.

I would like to extend our upmost appreciation to our tireless Web Mistress, Cheryl Ford without whose effort and dedication, this website would never have taken its flight into reality. We also congratulate Keely Worth for the design and delivery.

On behalf of the TGA Committee and especially Cheryl, welcome to our new Website and this is our first blog post!!

anne shotter tarot guildWarm regards

Anne Shotter
President & Founding Member
Tarot Guild of Australia Inc.

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TGA Professional Accredited Tarot Readers & Teachers

Looking for a professional Tarot Reader and/or Teacher located in Australia or Internationally?

Click the links below to find a professional Tarot Reader and/or Teacher in your area:

Events and Workshops

The Tarot Guild of Australia holds regular events and workshops.

The Tarot Guild of Australia is excited to announce the inaugural meeting of a new Group in Brisbane.

This has come about through the passion and hard work of Delma Brunello, who is a long-standing Professional Member of the Tarot Guild.  For many years Delma has had a desire to co-ordinate a Brisbane Tarot Guild of Australia Group, and now she has made it happen.

We especially welcome TGA members and also anyone who has an interest in Tarot.  Come along and bring your friends.

As a special celebration of this first inaugural meeting of the Brisbane Tarot Guild GroupEntry will be FREE to all who attend!

What’s on in Melbourne

Melbourne Workshop – June 1st – Learn a New Tarot Spread – TGA Committee

1 June @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This month, TGA’s Committee members Marlana, Anne and Naomi will share with you their favourite Tarot Spread and demonstrate the art of reading it.

What’s on in Sydney

Sydney Workshop – June 13th – The Fortune Teller with Guest Speaker Paris Debono

June-Monthly Workshop-Sydney-2019
13 June @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Paris is a Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Palm Reader, a Psychic Gypsy Card Reader and Teacher. He also designs and publishes his own decks, known as the ‘Lenono’ decks!

What’s on in Perth

What’s on in Brisbane

Brisbane Workshop – June 7th – The Mythic Tarot and The Myth of the Suit of Cups with Guest Speaker Delma Brunello

Tarot Brisbane Workshop Mythic
7 June @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Human beings are storytellers. We relate to stories, symbols and pictures at a deep level. The Mythic Tarot tells the story of the Greek Gods These stories or ‘myths’ are at the heart of and under...

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The Moon and Tarot by Karen Seinor

April 20th, 2019|

Karen Seinor explores The Moon Tarot Card and connects it's symbolism with the physical affects the Moon has upon the Earth and it's inhabitants.


Tarot Card for the Day

rider waite the magician tarot card

The Magician or The Magus is the first trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks.

Astrological Moon Phase

The lunar phase or phase of the Moon is the shape of the directly sunlit portion of the Moon as viewed from Earth. The lunar phases gradually and cyclically change over the period of a synodic month (about 29.53 days), as the orbital positions of the Moon around Earth and of Earth around the Sun shift.

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