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Meet the Artists – 2023 Tarot Unearthed Calendar


The Tarot Guild of Australia (TGA) was delighted by the enthusiasm of the artists who were so willing to donate to the 2023 Tarot Unearthed Calendar.

The shortlisted artworks not only include a broad range of art mediums and styles but also represent national and international artists from a diverse range of backgrounds, ages and career stages.

Their generosity has enabled the TGA to provide a much wider experience of the Tarot and their visionary lens has been nothing short of inspiring. Please join us in recognising the here and celebrating their vital contribution.

The Artists

Amy Scott-Young

Cover: Amy Scott-Young "Hermit, Magician & Justice"

Amy arrived at the Visual Arts in 2018 with an interest in Realism and highly detailed Pastel work. She has worked as a Tarot Illustrator since the commencement of her Visual Arts studies in 2020. As part of her 2022 Diploma Exhibition, Amy undertook a comprehensive Tarot project. At that time, she was interviewed for a podcast aimed at celebrating women artists and had many of her Tarot Illustrations published in The Nimbin Good Times Newspaper. Amy now writes and illustrates for the Newspaper’s monthly Tarot column and is currently working on her own Tarot deck whilst furthering her Visual Arts studies.



Jo Watkins

January: Joanne Watkins "The Journey"

Jo Watkins is a Tarot Card Reader and teacher. She has published the Change of Life Tarot Deck and the 78 Shades of colouring-in Tarot book. My first connection with the Tarot began through the cards’ illustrations . The meaning and history of the Artwork and symbols fascinated me, and I was captivated by the concept that each card held a unique story. Not long after, I was reading the cards. My transition from reading the cards to teaching how to read them happened through coincidences and we all know there is no such thing as coincidences! Jo is a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia as well as being the State Coordinator for Perth.

Instagram: @jowatkins_tarot

Evelyn May

February: Evelyn May "The Quiescent"

Born eating my mothers acrylic paint, I suppose I always had art in my veins. I love to dabble in various mediums, with lifelike sketches, manga and digital art being favoured. I do enjoy incorporating life experiences into my art work and find that gives a unique perspective and flair. Taking note of surroundings and layering in textures and backgrounds is especially fun, but also time consuming. I need every detail just right!


Séamus Ó Ceallaigh

March: Séamus Ó Ceallaigh "King of Wands"

Séamus Ó Ceallaigh started writing and illustrating novels at age 12. After working several years as a commercial artist in Texas he studied creative writing and studio arts at Binghamton University in New York State. He pursued graduate studies in Canada and later lived in Ireland. He presently homesteads with his partner and son in rural Pennsylvania.

Instagram: @thegenaistworld


Jocelyn Dexter

April: Jocelyn Dexter "The Lovers"

I am an Australian artist and illustrator. I love fairy tales, myths, fantasy, nature and esoteric subjects. These interests are reflected in my art. I first stumbled upon Tarot as a teenager and was immediately mesmerised by the pictures and colours in Pamela Coleman Smith’s illustrations. I decided then and there that I would one day design and paint a Tarot Deck. I quickly realised that there was more to illustrating a Tarot Deck than creating pretty pictures. So, I set out on a decades long journey of learning more about the traditional symbolism and meaning behind the cards. In 2021 I made the first step towards creating a Tarot Deck, illustrating the cards of The Fool, The Star, The Lovers and The Moon.



Erin O'Leary

May: Erin O'Leary "Death"

Erin has always had an avid interest in art, being hugely influenced by Dali and his quirky perspective. She often writes and draws what she sees in her readings, however, they tend to get burnt in ritual and sent into the universe. About five years ago she moved into the Tarot and Mediumship industry and enjoys sharing messages and holding space. Erin now own a shop in Beechworth where she facilitates various services and sells many products, often made by other local artists and creator’s in a community environment.



Michelle Caithness

June: Michelle Caithness "Princess of Pentacles"

Michelle has a background in visual art and art education. Her qualifications include: Masters of Visual Arts; Bachelor of Fine Arts. Michelle’s art practice, exhibition history and teaching experience span thirty years. Her interest in Tarot and Astrology began in her early teens. Michelle began her Tarot studies with Jeni Bethell and Astrological studies with Christine Rothwell before commencing studies with Anne Shotter in 2018, and she is a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

Instagram: @tarotastrostudio


Susie McCarthy

July: Susie McCarthy "Look to the light within"

Susie McCarthy lives and works in Bentleigh Victoria. She has been in practice doing Tarot Readings, Reiki, Teaching and Spirit/Soul Guide Drawings for over 30 years.

She is passionate about assisting her clients of all ages to find meaning and purpose in their lives. Susie utilises her many gifts and tools along with her deep compassion and intuition to assist her clients in finding clarity and direction at a Soul level.



Jane Delaford

August: Jane Delaford Taylor "Cave Magic"

Jane is a professional artist and illustrator, well-known for her inspirational paintings which are collected internationally. Her career as an illustrator for both children and adults spans over three decades, and her work has appeared in many books and magazines. She has illustrated several oracle card decks in the last few years, including a mermaid-themed tarot deck ‘The Oceanic Tarot’ for Jayne Wallace (Cico Books), and is currently working on a new oracle set for Hay House, due out in 2023. Jane works from her home studio in the Scottish Highlands, set beside the tranquil waters of the Holy Loch.

Instagram: @janedelaford


Brooke Martin

September: Brooke Marie Miller "Death"

As the creator of the Figuratively Speaking Tarot, Brooke is also a dance/movement therapist and a specialist in dementia care, burnout, and cheese appreciation!!! Brooke began painting the Tarot as a therapeutic exercise in 2021 and has kept doing it because, she says she is far too powerful for anyone to stop her. Brooke lives in Wisconsin with her wonderful human husband, Logan, who is a normie style therapist, and their two black cats who are ‘just the worst’.

Instagram: @little_husband


Martin Renaud

October: Martin Renaud "Six of Shields"

Martin Renaud is an ink and watercolour artist often working under the pseudonym, ‘Medieval Champion’. He is self-taught and has had a passion for creating from an early age. For over a decade he has worked as a professional artist and illustrator. Martin looks for impactful and unique ways for his art to connect or interact with the viewer. He has held a number of exhibitions locally, and his art has been distributed world wide.

Instagram: @medievalchampion


Steven Bright

November: Steven Bright "The Moon"

Steven Bright is an author of five books and the creator of two Divination Decks. He is also the co-founder and co-editor of The Esotoracle. Steven is a practicing Reader and has presented at major Tarot events and on live radio.



Delma Brunello

December: Delma Brunello "3 of Cups"

Delma is a Brisbane based artist and studied at the Brisbane College of Art. When she retired from work Delma began experimenting with inks and did several online courses on abstract art . She had her own studio built which she now uses every day. It is her escape, where she can relax and express herself. Delma is also the Brisbane State Coordinator for the Tarot Guild of Australia.

Instagram: @art_by_delma

Leading the Way

We’ve always been leaders. It was the Tarot Guild of Australia who hosted the first  ever International Tarot Conference way back in 1996 , we were also the very first incorporated Tarot association, not just in Australia, but world wide. The Guild was actually formed in 1992 and was incorporated two years later in 1994.

Others have followed our lead and we hope that Tarot Unearthed is no different  – that it inspires other groups as well as individuals to walk the road of discovery that the Tarot offers, to support Tarot inspired musicians, writers, healers, readers and seekers. Really, who knows what can come from this; an art exhibition, a new genre of music, book deals, decks published and an entire generation of new artists awakened to the mystery and magic of Tarot. 


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