About the Tarot Guild of Australia Inc.

The Tarot Guild of Australia, Inc. (TGA) is a community of Tarot professionals and enthusiasts. The TGA is a membership-based organisation, offering those with an interest in Tarot the opportunity to participate as Interest or Professional Members.

The primary aim of the TGA is to raise public interest and awareness of the Tarot, promote the study of the Tarot, to maintain ethical standards in the practice of reading Tarot via professional certification and to provide a network for education and sharing amongst members. The TGA offers Tarot events and workshops online and in major Australian cities and online.  We provide an opportunity to connect and network with like-minded individuals while learning about the Tarot.

Our Committee

The Tarot Guild of Australia’s Committee includes a wide variety of Tarot readers, authors, teachers and professionals from all over the Australian Tarot community, who all generously donate their time and energy to building the Tarot Guild of Australia and continuing to grow interest in the Tarot within the community.

Our Mission Statement

“To promote knowledge of the Tarot, inspire excellence and professionalism in our members, and foster a supportive community of practice”

Our History

The Tarot Guild of Australia was formed in 1992 by a committed group of Tarot practitioners and educators from the UK, as well as Anne Shotter, Evelynne Joffe and Matthew Favaloro from Australia.

In 1997, the TGA organised the first-ever international Tarot conference in Melbourne. Guest presenters and workshop leaders included Rachel Pollack, Mary Greer, Ed Buryn and James Wanless from the United States, Caitlin Matthews from the UK, as well as local Tarot practitioners, Anne Shotter, Evelynne Joffe, Matthew Favaloro and Paul Fenton-Smith.

Our Constitution

The Tarot Guild of Australia, Inc. (ABN 40 747 085 415) is incorporated in Victoria under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981. It is also a Registered Australian Body with ASIC, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ARBN 100 040 364).

Our Statement of Purpose:
We do this by:

  • Providing forums for members’ ongoing learning and professional development
  • Promoting Tarot as a valid form of personal understanding and growth
  • Offering a certification process for professional membership, together with a code of ethics and professional practice
  • Encouraging networking, and supporting a strong community of practice where new ideas and intuitive insights are shared
The Tarot Guild of Australia