My Journey to “The Magician” – by Rose Monaco

When the universe conspires to co-create with us, we can’t miss its magic! All is lined up, and just like a domino effect, all flows like a beautiful piece of music!

Interview With The Devil – by Rachel Pollack

Never underestimate darkness. Remember, All things may come out of darkness, but only light can come out of light.

The Major Arcana: A Story – by Sara Gilbert

Greece around 1200 BC consisted of around 20 different kingdoms loosely held into an alliance by a powerful, manipulative and controlling, ego-centric general called Agamemnon. This man exemplified the energy of The Emperor.

Tarot Practice – by Anne Shotter

The practicing of tarot precedes the creation of a tarot practice.  As we learn to understand the tarot and practise readings as in the Eight of Pentacles, we learn to master our skill and this for some people leads to the creation of a tarot practice.

Temperance – by Kate Ellis

Temperance asks us to sit quietly after the changes, to face your emotions without fear. Find your centre again and feel grounded. The energy asks you to take life gently for a while.

From the TGA President – Annual General Meeting on Sep. 30th 2021

Attend the Annual General Meeting and receive an invitation to attend the upcoming Melbourne monthly workshop for FREE!

Reading the Court Cards – by Paul Fenton-Smith

Many Tarot students experience confusion when reading court cards in a Tarot layout. Often this confusion involves determining the appropriate meaning to attribute to the court cards in the layout.

Eight hard truths about being a tarot reader – by Theresa Reed

Easy work?  Not in your life.  Easy money?  Believe me, you earn every penny when you are in the tarot trenches. 

A Poem – by Martha Adams

As Fool descends the mountain peak, She has no words, No need to speak….

The Emperor – by Helen Howell

The Emperor shows us that he is able to combine his leadership skill with compassion and reason, and that his overall objective is the search for truth.

Hanging at the T-Intersection by Linda Marson

When the Hanged Man appears in your spread, you are being asked to let go, relax and trust that something better will come into your life.

The Pentacles Path to Stability by Paul Fenton-Smith

To Some of us, stability equals boredom, or at least it does until upheaval arrives and stability is suddenly a distant memory.

From the TGA President – New Website Coming April 14th

As part of the TGA Committee’s ongoing work to improve and expand the benefits of membership, we determined that some changes to our website were warranted to better position us for moving into the future.

The Quest for Emotional Satisfaction – by C.W. Geering, Dip (T.C.)

A.E. Waite wrote that the Ace of Cups is the Holy Grail of Arthurian legends. So the suit of Cups is that quest for the happiness and stability we look for in our personal lives.

The Power of the Swords – by Jan Hunnybell

We are told that the pen is mightier than the sword – and that can be said of the tongue and the mind too. Our thoughts, words and deeds are powerful.

VIII STRENGTH: Leo, the Lion Hearted Heroine by Brian Clark

‘King of the beasts’ is a common epithet for the lion, the totem emblematic of royalty since antiquity. Images of lions were used to decorate thrones and entrances to royal palaces.

Hi’iaka and the Fool’s Journey – by Jeni Bethell

The Fool equates to the hero/ine as s/he is called to venture forth on a new quest. The Hawaiian goddess, Hi’iaka, presents us with a wonderful female depiction of the Fool archetype.

From the TGA President – February 2021

It is wonderful to see that monthly meeting presentations are back face-to-face in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.   Here in Melbourne we are still zooming our monthly presentations.

Places to Advertise Your Tarot Practice – by Karen Seinor

Whether you are wanting to share your love of Tarot and its capacity to heal hearts and minds through the giving of Tarot Readings, or if you simply have the need or desire to make some money from your craft, you are going to need to get your name out there in the world.

From the TGA President – December 2020

It is wonderful to see the Wheel of Fortune and The Sun starting to appear in readings over recent weeks as we approach the end of this year and welcome the next.

Tarot Guild of Australia Inc. – COVID-19 – President’s Update October 2020

Your Committee has been working very hard behind the scenes and we are thrilled that you all are so supportive of our new initiatives being our online presentations and interviews. 

Tarot Guild of Australia Inc. – COVID-19 – President’s Update September 2020

I would like to say a huge thank you to the fifty members who attended our online AGM and Melbourne’s first online presentation via Zoom.  It was a great success and confirmed the passion our members have for Tarot. 

The 5 of Cups As A Tool For Transformation by Karen Seinor

The 5 of Cups is a marvellous tool to explore what is going on in your own journey towards happiness, and when doing so, it can be helpful to look at all of the Cups pips cards, Ace through 10 consecutively.

Tarot Guild of Australia Inc. – COVID-19 – President’s Update July 2020

Throughout Australia we are all doing our best to contain the Cov-19 virus. Here in Victoria, we are not doing as well as in some other States. This of course effects the Tarot Guild Community as we all resume our groups as different times.

Embodying Tarot – by Karen Seinor

Even when you think you know the Tarot well, you can always deepen your understanding: you can resource yourself with skills and knowledge by using the power of the Tarot Archetypes.

COVID-19 and Scheduled Meetings – President’s Update

In place of our usual monthly meetups, I hope everyone has enjoyed the interviews we have been able to put up on our website during this social isolation period. Going forward..

Tarot Guild of Australia Inc. – President’s Message – COVID-19 and April Meetings

To protect our Tarot Guild members, the Committee have decided that we need to cancel meetings in all States from now until the end of April.    We can then reassess as the situation develops.

Hunting for Relationship Clues in the Smith Waite Tarot – by Jessica Adams

If you have ever wondered why relationships, marriages, friendships and family are illustrated so richly and with so much detail in the Smith-Waite Tarot, you only have to look at the personal astrology charts of both Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite.

THE DEVIL In Daily Life – by Naomi Towers

When most people get The DEVIL card in a reading their immediate thoughts are of “LARGE” restrictions or fears or other “Dark Issues” that are either imposed by others or self-imposed. 

Tarot Guild of Australia Inc. – AGM 5th of September 2019 – President’s Report

The Tarot Guild of Australia is celebrating its 25 year Anniversary of Incorporation which was granted on 27th September, 1994. The Tarot Guild of Australia was in fact formed some two years earlier than this in 1992 but was not an Incorporated body until 1994.

The Moon and Tarot by Karen Seinor

Since human beings first started gazing up at the sky, the moon has held a powerful place in our minds.

The Tarot Suit of Swords by Anne Shotter

The suit of Swords in the Tarot is most commonly seen metaphysically to symbolise the power of the mind.

Cleansing, Attuning and Seasoning a New Tarot Deck by Cheryl Ford

Whether you are just beginning to learn the Tarot or a Tarot Master, it’s always exciting when you purchase a brand new Tarot card deck.