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Tarot Reader, Tarot Teacher

Karen has been reading and teaching the Tarot for over 25 years. A presenter at Mind Body Spirit Festivals as far back as 2008 on the topic of Tarot Healing, she developed and produced the Tarot Oils ®, writes articles for magazines like The Magician and Alternative Spirit and had her unique Tarot deck and books reviewed by peers and mainstream publications. Karen has presented on various topics at the Tarot Guild of Australia and teaches the Tarot both in person and online. Karen sees the Tarot as a tool for deep reflection, personal development, and as a pathway for spiritual growth. As a professional Therapist, she is able to combine coaching and counseling skills with her intuitive abilities and knowledge of the Tarot to deliver a deeply transformational Tarot experience. Readings are available in person, by phone or online throughout Australia and abroad.