January 1, 2023


The virtue of Temperance, as reflected in Tarot card XIV, is the ability of an individual to control the self through moderation, softening the severe, becoming more gentle and mild, and bringing about a desirable state of blending or compromise around them.
September 1, 2022

THE TOWER – Alternative & Empowering Tarot Card Meanings by Vix Maxwell

The Tower is one of those cards that often brings fear to the hearts of those getting a reading. The imagery of the Tower is intense. If we reframed it as a card of enlightenment we could see it so differently.
February 1, 2022

The Hierophant – by Martha Adams

A poem exploring the many sides to the tarot card, the Hierophant.
November 15, 2021

Interview With The Devil – by Rachel Pollack

Never underestimate darkness. Remember, All things may come out of darkness, but only light can come out of light.
November 1, 2021

The Major Arcana: A Story – by Sara Gilbert

Greece around 1200 BC consisted of around 20 different kingdoms loosely held into an alliance by a powerful, manipulative and controlling, ego-centric general called Agamemnon. This man exemplified the energy of The Emperor.
October 1, 2021

Temperance – by Kate Ellis

Temperance asks us to sit quietly after the changes, to face your emotions without fear. Find your centre again and feel grounded. The energy asks you to take life gently for a while.
August 1, 2021

A Poem – by Martha Adams

As Fool descends the mountain peak, She has no words, No need to speak....
July 1, 2021

The Emperor – by Helen Howell

The Emperor shows us that he is able to combine his leadership skill with compassion and reason, and that his overall objective is the search for truth.
June 1, 2021

Hanging at the T-Intersection by Linda Marson

When the Hanged Man appears in your spread, you are being asked to let go, relax and trust that something better will come into your life.