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Cleansing, Attuning and Seasoning a New Tarot Deck by Cheryl Ford

Cleansing, Attuning and Seasoning a New Tarot Deck

Whether you are just beginning to learn the Tarot or a Tarot Master, it’s always exciting when you purchase a brand new Tarot card deck.

Although it may be tempting to use your new Tarot deck straight away, it’s vital to properly cleanse, season and attune yourself to the deck before doing so. This process usually takes about a week to fully infuse your personal energy into each and every Tarot card. Although the length of time will depend on how often you play with your cards.

Cleansing your Tarot cards is a simple but essential part of the process. It’s important to choose a cleansing ritual that resonates intuitively within you. There are many different methods you can use or even devise your own special cleansing ritual. You can make the cleansing ritual as simple or elaborate as you so desire.

I suggest that whilst you are cleansing your Tarot deck that you also cleanse a Tarot bag and a piece of cloth or scarf made out of silk or cotton as a wrap. The following are some suggestions for cleansing your cards, tarot bag and cloth wrap.

  • Sacred Breath of Intent – hold each card in your cupped hands, close your eyes and visualise a beam of pure white light, the energy of God or the universe flowing down through your crown then being released through your mouth into the card by gently blowing. See with your minds’ eye each card being infused with the pure energy. Alternatively you can fan out the deck between both hands blowing across the top edges.
  • Reiki – lay out all of the cards on a silk or cotton cloth use Reiki and your intent to cleanse and remove any negativity from the cards.
  • Aromatherapy Vapour – gently wave each card a few times through or near the vapour. Suggested oils are – Juniper, Cypress, Pine, Cedarwood, Neroli and Frankincense.
  • Smudging –simply pass each card a couple of times high up through the light smoke of some burning sage or incense stick.
  • Sound Vibrations – this is a quick and simple way to cleanse your cards. Lay out all of the cards on a silk or cotton cloth then cleanse them use Tibetan bells or a singing bowl etc. to ring out sound and vibrations over all the cards.

Once you have cleansed your new Tarot deck carefully wrap the cards up in the cloth wrap and place them into the tarot bag for safety and protection.

Now you need to season and attune the cards to your own personal energy.  This is a critical part of the process as you want the cards to absorb your energy and yours alone.  Do not allow anybody to play with or handle your cards during this phase.  You don’t want your newly cleansed Tarot deck to be carrying the energy of someone else.

For the next seven days it’s paramount to keep your new Tarot deck on your person, in your bag or as close to you as possible at all times. During the night place the deck under your pillow or on your side table (but not too close to your partner).

Play with and handle your cards as much as possible!  Even when you are watching television you can be handling your cards, shuffling them or just flipping through them however you like.  This is great for attunement, or if you like, ‘syncing’ your energy with your Tarot cards.  It’s not necessary for you to be consciously focusing on the cards, as your sub-conscious mind will be doing all the work tapping in to the energy of the cards seamlessly.

When you feel that your energy and vibrations have saturated all 78 cards, it’s time to establish a personal relationship and intuitive bond with each and every card in the deck.  This process may take several sittings and must not be rushed.   The rewards will be directly reflected by the amount of effort and dedication you put in.

Find yourself a relaxing, calm and quiet place to sit down with your cards.  Divide the cards into their suits of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles and keep the Major Arcana cards separate.  Make sure that the cards are in correct numerical order.  You might like to do a short meditation or relaxation exercise to help get you into the zone.

Starting with the Minor Arcana take one card at a time and focus on the imagery and what catches your eye.  How do you feel when looking at it and allow the element of fire, water, air or earth representing the suit to flow over you.  In your mind repeat to yourself the basic essence of the suit, the number and core meaning of the card.

Holding the card between your hands, close and relax your eyes and press your hands together to feel and absorb the energy of the card.  Raise the card up to your third eye and place it against your forehead.  Keeping your eyes closed visualise the imagery and the feelings you experienced etc. and let them imprint your psyche.  Slowly lower the card down in front of your Solar Plexus feeling the energy and vibration of the card flowing through your entire being.  Thank each card sending it love and light as you place it back in the deck.

Repeat this process until your psyche and higher consciousness has been imprinted by every card.  Your new Tarot card deck will now be ready for you to use and work with on a deeply personal and intuitive level.

Love and Light,

Cheryl Ford
Tarot Guild Committee Member
Webmistress & Audio/Visual Officer
Professional Reader & Teacher