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Embodying Tarot – by Karen Seinor

Embodying the Tarot

When I do Tarot readings for clients, I often talk about using the skills and abilities of a particular Tarot Card, or Tarot Archetype to help them achieve a certain goal, or outcome. This can be done quite simply. Often I will provide a suggestion or two on how they might begin to do that in an every-day kind of way.

Therapists and coaches who practice the art of nuero-linguistic programming (or NLP) talk about modelling as a way to gather new skills.  When described without any elegance, Modelling can sound like it is a monkey see, monkey do, or fake it till you make it set of behaviours. Those who follow a Pagan path or are into Magick, sometimes speak of ‘raising’ a particular energy. Either way, focussing on the skills or ‘state’ that you want to be in, allows you to have more, or be-come more, of that.

As Tarot Readers we know that each Tarot card has a story of its own, and when you align with the story, you can begin to move into the story, and access the useful elements or aspects of the central character or theme. Meditation and guided visualisations can be helpful here, and another way of doing this is through dress.

The use of colour is well known for its impact on both the emotional and mental states of the wearer, and colour psychology has become an arm of therapeutic interest that ultimately may stand on its own. The colour of your clothes has power. Some Tarot readers will see the obvious connections when reading for a client; those who are embodying the energy of The Emperor may actually show up wearing a red shirt, a woman who is needing space to connect with the inner feminine may sit across from you in a green dress, or the budding psychic will be wearing blue like the High Priestess herself. Obviously, there is more to it than this.

Beyond colour, there is style, and there is a great article called Fashion Designer Tarot: The Cards on the Catwalk, that I really enjoyed reading. In this article, author Vix, assigns a particular Tarot card to various fashion designers. Stella McCartney was linked with the Ace of Cups, Vivienne Westwood The Tower, Donatella Versace The Chariot, and of course, Karl Lagerfield she connected to The Hierophant.

There is also a really fabulous book called Tarot Diva in which author Sasha Graham, speaks at length about identifying your Major Arcana style. I found this book very easy to read and definitely enlightening from a fashion perspective.

In terms of fashion, nothing can surpass the House of Diors incredible Tarot Coat which took over 1500 hours to make. Tarot was definitely the central inspiration and was one of many incredible pieces delivered under the guidance of Creative Head for Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri. From sandals, scarves, pullovers, dresses and handbags, Dior has certainly brought the Tarot front and centre. I particularly enjoyed watching Lilith Louise do her ‘Unboxing and Review’ of the Christian Dior Tarot Pouch Handbag which you can see here.

You may already be familiar with the Tarot Oils ™ which were channelled over 25 years ago for the purpose of healing and personal empowerment. By wearing the Tarot Oils as a personal fragrance you can invoke the energy of The Chariot, (or whichever one you have selected), as a way to activate the positive aspects of that Tarot Card or Archetype. Similarly, but more recently, Dolce and Gabbana debuted a fragrance line based on the Tarot, and initially started with five cards from the Major Arcana. Elle magazine gave a lovely description of the aromatic and energetic elements of these perfumes, and they really do sound incredible.

I highly recommend the practice of embodying the Tarot. Even when you think you know the Tarot well, you can always deepen your understanding. More importantly, you can resource yourself with skills and knowledge by using the power of Tarot Archetypes, and who wouldn’t want to do that?

Karen Seinor
Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia
Wild Woman Tarot