Perth Workshop – Guest Speaker Tara Spackman – The Heart of the Empress

Dorchester Hall 2 Dugdale St, Warwick, WA

We all have a sacred feminine energy living within our hearts. The empress teaches us how to live in empowered grace and to connect with compassion to all living beings, mother nature, and the universe. The empress has a powerful message to share as one of the tarots Major Arcana’s feminine archetype cards. She is an energy that we all can experience deeply, immerse ourselves in and bring into our own lives.

Perth Workshop – Guest Speaker Barbie Davidson – Mary, Maths & the Mystic Mountain

Dorchester Hall 2 Dugdale St, Warwick, WA

The Minor Arcana & the Mountain Hike – The Progress through the numbers

With an elementary understanding of numbers & elements, you can read almost any deck of cards!! At our April TGA workshop, we will hike a mountain to explore the magic of numbers via the theories of Pythagoras & Mary Greer. Mary is the mother of Modern Tarot & uses a metaphoric mountain to explain her ideas.