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Places to Advertise Your Tarot Practice – by Karen Seinor

Places to Advertise Your Tarot Practice – by Karen Seinor

Whether you are wanting to share your love of Tarot and its capacity to heal hearts and minds through the giving of Tarot Readings, or if you simply have the need or desire to make some money from your craft, you are going to need to get your name out there in the world.

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Here are a few ideas to get you started with advertising;

  • Newspaper advertisements can be pricey, but you may have a local paper which can be quite cost effective depending on where you are located.
  • School or Sporting Club Newsletters
  • Flyers. In some communities you can still hand deliver these into mail boxes and get a lovely walk at the same time. You can also contact Australia Post to deliver these for a reasonable cost.
  • Noticeboards in malls, Shopping Centres and at your Local Corner Store or Cafe– put up one of those flyers.
  • Business Cards– Vista Print is one place to get some inexpensive business cards made up. If you don’t already have a logo, go to Fiverr or Freelancer and you can pay someone to create one for you at a very reasonable cost.
  • GoogleAdwords
  • Website Traffic– yes get a website or your own Facebook page if that works better for you.
  • Offer free Tarot Readings at the local fete, community or church fair
  • Do some Talks for groups in the community, for example; Nursing Mothers, Lions Club, Rotary. You only need one talk. Make it interesting and relevant to the group you are speaking to and have fun with it. Remember to take your business cards with you!
  • Get some signs on your car (magnetic ones are quite inexpensive so can be a good way to start)
  • Write an article for The Magician or any publication that your prospective clients might read.
  • Write a Blog Post and offer it to The Guild – your name and details are always listed on the bottom of the article.
  • Contact the Local Newspaper to ask if they’d like to write about your new and novel business or contact the Radio Station and offer yourself as a Guest Speaker.
  • If you’re not already, transition to Professional Membership with the Tarot Guild of Australia and you will set yourself apart from those who are not. You can then also be listed on the website as a recognised Tarot Reader or Tarot Teacher as the case may be.
  • Create a List or set up a Database of friends, family, acquaintances or clients, and mail out the occasional special offer.

When you have something valuable to offer, when it makes a positive difference in the world, why wouldn’t you share it?

About Karen Seinor

Places to Advertise Your Tarot Practice – by Karen Seinor

Karen, of Wild Woman Tarot, has been reading and teaching the tarot for over 20 years. A presenter at Mind Body Spirit Festivals as far back as 2008, she developed and produced the Tarot Oils ®, writes articles for magazines like The Magician and Alternative Spirit, and her unique tarot deck and books have been reviewed by peers and mainstream publications. Karen has presented on various topics at the Tarot Guild of Australia and teaches the tarot on a regular basis.

Karen was the subject of the fascinating and inspiring article “Wild Woman Consulting” (by Tanya Yorgi) in The Magician.  In that article she describes the evolution of her business and her unique approaches to the special challenges of working while located in a relatively small country community.  The article is highly recommended, and is available here.