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From the TGA President – December 2020

The Tarot Guild of Australia

Greetings Everyone,

Well, here we are almost at the end of the year 2020, with its challenges and in many strange ways, its gifts.  Looking back over this year, I feel there have been many things to be grateful about.   Many people tell me that they have decided to make profound life changes due to their experiences during this year.  For many, it has been a quieter time, time to look within and evaluate our lives.

For many people there have also been challenges.    Overall, here in Australia we have been fortunate and relatively safe.

It is wonderful to see the Wheel of Fortune and The Sun starting to appear in readings over recent weeks as we approach the end of this year and welcome the next.

2021 = 5 a number which is associated with change.  It corresponds to The Hierophant and I like the symbol of “tribe” or “community” associated with this card.  Hopefully, there will be changes ahead which enhance the idea of community rather than individuality.  As we approach the Christian celebration of Christmas, I am drawn to the image of The Star and the image of the wise men who followed it with hope for the future.  It is a beautiful image that we can all embrace.

The Committee is focused on enhancing the quality of our service to members.  We are planning to continue making all our Melbourne presentations available via Zoom to all members who are unable to be present in person.  On the positive side, we are expecting that our Groups in all States will be face-to-face again early in 2021.  It is not entirely up to us to make this decision, as we rent our venues.   Thank you for your wonderful response to our Zoom presentation and your continued support.

On behalf of the Tarot Guild Committee, I wish you all peace, goodwill and many blessings as we bring 2020 to a close and welcome in the New Year.


Anne Shotter
President & Founding Member
Tarot Guild of Australia Inc.