The Magician – Issue 18 – Autumn/Winter 2005


This edition of the Tarot Guild magazine features The Hanged Man tarot card with its message of releasing what we no longer need to progress further along our spiritual path.


    • Escaping Punishment: the Hanged Man and the Redemptive Act of Grace by CaitlĂ­n Matthews
    • Hanging at the T-Intersection by Linda Marson
    • XII The Hanging Man – Acceptance by C. W. Geering Dip
    • The Hanged Man: the Art of Reversing Adversity by Mary K. Greer
    • The Hanged Man by Pat Martian

<liThe Hanged Man by Norma Cowie – Excerpt from Pathways of the Tarot

  • Professional Tarot: The Business of Reading, Consulting and Teaching by Christine Jette


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