The Magician – Issue 24 – Autumn/Winter – 2007


This issue of The Magician features the Suit of Pentacles tarot card. Its meanings cover material aspects of life including work, business, trade, property, money and other material possessions.


  • The Pentacles Path to Stability by Paul Fenton-Smith
  • The Suit of Coins – the Pursuit of Money by C. W. Geering
  • Which Spread? by Helen Howell
  • Court Cards in the Suit of Pentacles by Aileen Flynn
  • Pentacles: So Much More Than “Show Me the Money!” by Sara Gilbert
  • Timing and Tarot by David Camp
  • Pentacles Poem by David Camp
  • Tarot Masterclass by Paul Fenton-Smith – Review by Sara Gilbert
  • Ode to the Tarot by Jan Hunneybell (poem)

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