The Magician – Issue 41 – Summer 2012 – The Tales That Must Be Told


The Tales That Must Be Told

This edition of The Magician contains a wide range of articles and topics.

  • Numerology and You – by Thomas Muldoon
  • Palmistry Today – by Frank C. Clifford
  • Reading the Tarot in the Present Moment – by Caitlin Matthews
  • Disappearing Boundaries: Cosmology & Mysticism Meet – by Amber Jayanti.
  • Pentacles: Snails are Best – by Mordreth Boehm and Sabine Straver
  • Pentacles: without this keystone, nothing else makes sense – by Jan Shepherd
  • The Far Sight Tarot Earth Cards – by Helen Meinicke
  • Life in Reversals – by Martha Adams
  • The world in your hands….your hand in the world – by Linda Henery
  • Fantabulous Tarot: Songs & Tales – by Kim Methven
  • The Tales that Must Be Told – by Helen Meinicke, Julie King, Dafydd Llewelyn and Mordreth Boehm
  • The Mayan Prophecy – by Martha Adams, John Matthews and Daisy Cerulia

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