The Magician – Issue 43 – Winter 2013 – Animal Guides


Animal Guides


  • Winter of the Heart – by Marye-Ann Azzarello
  • Celebrating Winter Solstice – by Linda Henery
  • Winter is a Bear! My Reflections on my Journey Through Many Climates – by Blake Octavian Blair
  • The Power of BEAR – by Dawn Baumann Brunke
  • Bear Pause Spread – by Dawn Baumann Brunke
  • Message from the Wolves – by Katherine Skaggs
  • Larking Around! – by Mordreth Boehm
  • Winter Solstice Recipes – by Michelle Fisher and Krystal Young
  • Reversals in our Dawning of 2013 spread – by Martha Adams
  • Enter the Enchanted Lenormand Oracle – by Caitlin Matthews
  • Walking the Qabalistic Trea of LIfe Labrynth – by Amber Jayanti

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