The Magician – Issue 44 – Autumn 2014 – The Element of Water


The Element of Water


  • A Tarot Life of Inspiration – by Beth Seilonen
  • Spiritual Lessons from the Minor Arcana – by Don McLeod
  • Elemental Correspondences for WATER – by Cedar Stevens
  • The WATER SUIT of the Far Sight Tarot – by Helen Meinicke
  • WATER in the Animal Wisdom Tarot – by Dawn Baumann Brunke
  • The Emoting Suit of the Snowland Deck – by Janet Boyer
  • Scrying through the Ages – by Mordreth Boehm
  • Adding Dimension: Two Approaches to Learning Lenormand Card Meanings – by Gypsy Gene
  • The High Priestess: A Subjective Working Definition – by Blake Octavian Blair
  • The High Priestess: Upright & Reversed – by Martha Adams
  • Still Waters Run Deep: The Water Element in the Hand – by Linda Henery

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