The Magician – Issue 45 – Winter 2014 – The Element of Air


The Element of Air


  • The Gifts of Air – by Natasha Watkins
  • Magickal Hecate Meditation – by Marye-Ann Azzarello
  • The Tarot de St. Croix Suit of Swords  – by Lisa de St Croix
  • A Gemini Crone Connects with Air – by Marye-Ann Azzarello
  • The AIR SUIT of the Far Sight Tarot – by Helen A. Meinicke
  • Cassandra’s Crystal Tarot: Part One – by Cassandra Eason
  • Astrological AIR & Dragonfly – by Sara Gilbert and Mordreth Boehm
  • Elemental Correspondences for Air – by Gypsy Gene
  • Tarot and the Wheel of the Year: Part One – by Don McLeod
  • Astrological Learning Cards – by Mordreth Boehm
  • Tarot & Astrology: Links between Tarot & Astrology in the Major Arcana – Part 1 – by Molly Talbot
  • Martha’s Life in Reversals: The Empress – by Martha Adams
  • The Weaver: Card XXII – by Daisy Cerulia
  • Cartomantic Cousins (Tarot and Lenormand) – by Caitlin Matthews
  • The Burning Serpent Oracle in Action: The Classic Nine Card Spread – by Gypsy Gene
  • Pinpointing the Lenormand Message – by Gypsy Gene
  • The Marvel That is Earth – by Doroty Bredle
  • Tarot and Aromatherapy: A review of Karen Senior’s book and deck – by Daisy Cerulia
  • Reflections on The Empress – by Barbie Davidson

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