The Magician – Issue 46 – Summer 2014 – Serpent Cards, Lenormand, Spreads and More


This month’s issue of The Magician is a bonanza of tarot information and articles about Serpent Cards, Lenormand, Spreads and more. A must for your tarot collection!


  • Whence the Burning Serpent Cards? Condensed from the Burning Serpent Website
  • The Star, A Qabalistic Meditation for a Greater Truth & Revelation by Amber Jayanti
  • Tarot and the Wheel of the Year: Part Two by Don McLeod
  • Mandala Spread with Kate Ellis
  • Reversed Tarot Cards – The Emperor by Martha Adams
  • How to Communicate as a Tarot Reader by Jennifer Houston
  • How I Came to Tarot by Dianne Failla
  • Tarot Guild Lenormand Logo
  • Burning Serpent with Rachel Pollack
  • Talking of Serpents and Snakes – Meet The Snake, The Queen of Clubs! by Gipsy Gene
  • Detective Lenormand – Searching for Lost Items by Gipsy Gene
  • The Burning Serpent Oracle Deck – review by Rachel Pollock and Robert Place
  • Links between Tarot & Astrology in the Major Arcana: Part Two by Molly Talbot
  • The Shadow King – The Emperor by Marye-Ann Azzarello
  • Air in the Hand by Linda Henery

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