The Magician – Issue 51 – Winter 2016 – The Hermit


In this addition of the Magician we pay homage to the winter season and the Hermit, the ninth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks.


  • Strength by Tania Yorgey
  • The Hermit IX – Middle Aged Pilgramages by Jenny Higgins
  • Spellbox and the Tarot by Danae, SpellBox Witch
  • A Year in the Wildwood by Alison Cross – Review by Linda Henery
  • Readers Studio (Presentations and Classes in NY) by Catherine Lavender
  • The Wayshower by Fay Howard
  • Interview with Martha Adams by Tania Yorgey
  • Interview with Kim Allen By Tania Yorgey
  • Life in Reversals: The Hermit IX and The Hermit VIIII by Martha Adams
  • Cards on the Table – Tarot & Lenormand by Linda Henery

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