The Magician – Issue 53 – Autumn 2017 – Justice


Our topic of Justice in The Magician Autumn 2017 Number 53 has provided inspiration for several wonderful tarot articles.


  • Justice – by Eloise Myer
  • The Scales of Justice – by Fay Howard
  • Reading Tarot Cards Intuitively – by Natasha Watkins
  • A Heart-Shaped Tarot Reading Spread – created  by Maria Hayes
  • My Tarot Journey – by Delma Bruinello
  • The Weaver Goddess and her Web – by Natasha Watkins
  • A Story of Justice – by Florence Rockwell
  • The Pentacles of Autumn – by Fay Howard
  • Tarot and Dreams – by Joel Valentine
  • Justice – by David Camp (poem)
  • Justice Tarot Spread – by Natasha from Tarot Wisdom

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