The Magician – Issue 55 – Autumn 2018 – XIII Death


Tarot Card Featured – XIII Death

Edition 55 of The Magician is where we arrive at the Death tarot card where the past slowly fades and becomes a distant memory as new beginnings sprout.


  • The Death Tarot Card = The Natural Evolution – by Elizabeth Tyrrell
  • Quiz based on the original Rider/Waite/Smith Deck of Tarot- A Quizzical Mind – by Jessica Olsen
  • What’s in a Name? The Sevens – by Lilian Kwiatkowski
  • The Chariot Spread – A spread for understanding what’s blocking your progress and moving through it
  • The Death Card, and our Dark Nights of the Soul – by Danú Celtic Mystery
  • The Thirteenth Card of the Greater Arcana – by Etienne
  • My Tarot Wheel of Life – by Fay Howard
  • Breathing Through Death – by Tania Yorgey
  • Designing Death  – by Chris-Anne Donnelly
  • Patterns of Energy – by Matthew Favaloro

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