The Magician – Issue 58 – July 2019 – The Tower


Tarot Card Featured – The Tower

This is The Tower edition of The Magician. As the Tower always brings about change and restructure, we have decided to move the emphasis from the major arcana cards to focus on other cards in the tarot deck for our next edition.


  • A Collective and Personal Experience of the Tower – by Anne Shotter
  • The Tower Tarot Card – by Jennifer Houston
  • The Sixth Sense, Calculating Tarot’s Rise in China – by Renee Gray Beaumont
  • A Look at the After Tarot Deck (or What Next?) – by Naomi Towers
  • The Wounded Healer Within – by Karen Senior
  • Q&A: Liz Dean – by Anne Shotter
  • My Modern Interpretation of the Tower Card – by Delma Brunello
  • A Newbie’s Vision of Tarot – by Alison Pilborough
  • The Waite-Smith Tarot – Born Under Cancer and Capricorn – by Jessica Adams
  • The Tower – by Molly Talbot
  • Hunting for Relationship Clues in the Smith Waite Tarot – by Jessica Adams
  • The Super-Dooper “Supermoon” and the Tarot Card of ‘The Tower’ – by Cheryl Ford
  • Black Saturday – My Bushfire Nightmare – by Ann Coen
  • As a Writer, The Tower, is Important to Me – by Matthew Farmer

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