The Magician – Issue 61 – Spring 2020 – The Element of Water


The Element of Water

This edition of The Magician is based on the element of Water. Water in the Tarot is about our feelings and emotions and in my readings with clients during this time, I see the frequent appearance of the 5 of Cups. This card focuses on feelings of loss. Perhaps we are all missing the many experiences in life that we previously enjoyed – the life we used to have. For many people, the loss is severe with the loss of loved ones, the loss of businesses and the loss of employment. It is also the emotional closeness, the physical hugs and the happy times shared with those we love that we crave. The symbology of the card tells us that we will have shared experiences of happiness again in the future. The 5 of Cups can also gently suggest that we focus on the ways in which we are still able to keep up our connections with others.

  • Looking at the Suit of Cups and the Element of Water – by Matthew Favaloro
  • Like a Lighthouse, Tarot Shines Light on us when we Need it the Most – by Julia Makin
  • Cups – Water – Briah – by Doreen Van Boxtel
  • The Suit of Cups and The Element of Water – from The Mythic Tarot deck – by Delmo Brunello
  • The Soul of Water – by Brian Clark
  • The Story Line and Characters in the Suit of Cups – by Molly Talbot
  • Sustain and Renew Spread – by James Wanless
  • The Six of Cups – Things are not as they appear to be – by Anne Shotter

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