The Magician – Issue 62 – Summer 2020 -The Element of Air


The Element of Air

This edition of The Magician is focused on the element of Air, which seems to hold much of the challenging energy of life within its suit. When pondering the images of the Suit of Swords and “thinking” about the issues of communication – the words we choose to use, the tone of voice we use to deliver our words and the effect of that process on our relationship with others. The way we communicate in our personal lives, in books and newspapers, social media, radio and television.

  • Swords and the Element of Air – by Karen Gill
  • 6 Your Soul’s Contract with Numerology – by Doreen Van Boxtel
  • 8 The Four of Swords, ‘Truce’ Meditation & the Akashic Records – by Kimothy Ireland
  • The Magician – by Charoo Dubey
  • Air: The Breath of Life – by Stephen Arroyo
  • Breathing in the Tarot – by Karen Seinor
  • The Power of the Swords – by Jan Hunneybell
  • Why the Suit of Swords is my Favourite – by Benebell Wen
  • The Element of Air & The Suit of Swords – by Doreen Van Boxtel

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