The Magician – Issue 64 – Winter 2021 – Our Favorite Things


Our Favorite Things

This edition of The Magician focuses on our favorite decks, spreads, and things we love about the Tarot.

  • The Rider-Waite Smith Deck – A Book Disguised as a Pack of Cards – by Doreen Van Boxtel
  • My Tarot Favourites – by Karen Seinor
  • What I Love About Tarot – by Janet Nairn
  • My Favourite Tarot Thing – The Pictures! – by Jocelyn Dexter
  • What I love About Tarot – by Marlana McCarthy
  • Becoming a Professional Card Reader – by Renée G
  • An Important Message from the Angels – by Susie McCarthy
  • The Magician – My Favourite Card – by Charoo Dubey

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