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THE DEVIL In Daily Life – by Naomi Towers

THE DEVIL In Daily Life – by Naomi Towers

When most people get The DEVIL card in a reading their immediate thoughts are of “LARGE” restrictions or fears or other “Dark Issues” that are either imposed by others or self-imposed.  Either way, the restriction is so great that they cannot move forward. The other side of the DEVIL is passion and commitment. They may “self-impose chains” to commit to completing something or because they have a “passion” for something.  But this is not always the case.

I recently had a period of sitting at home with my feet up due to a self-imposed “broken foot”.  I had a bunion that needed to be corrected and the only way to make a permanent correction was to break my big toe and straighten it. Sounds painful (and it was for about 24 hours), but really it wasn’t been too bad. A couple of painkillers at night and that is about it. HOWEVER, I have been sitting in the DEVIL card for this whole time and will be until I am recovered completely. (This is expected to take 6 months.)

I live alone in a double storey house with the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. When I first came home, I slept on a sofa-bed downstairs and used the downstairs toilet. But the shower is upstairs. By the end of the 3rd day, I was totally over the lack of a decent wash. My hair felt awful. I smelled. I HAD to fix the problem and there was no-one else around to help me. (Does this sound like the DEVIL to you? It was for me.) Luckily for me I was allowed out of hospital without crutches (Just walking slowly with an “Overshoe” that had to be worn continuously for 6 weeks). So up the stairs I dragged myself (very slowly and hanging firmly onto the banister). Now I could shower and sleep in my own bed. Oh Joy!!!

But that wasn’t the worst or longest lasting “DEVIL” experience. Whenever I want something (be it food or anything else), I am used to driving myself and just getting it. Now I was reliant on others. I could only get something when someone else was able and willing to get it for me or when they were available to drive me. I couldn’t stand on my bad foot for too long. Walking around supermarkets or shopping malls after getting there by public transport and then going home the same way, was just too hard.

The DEVIL has many sides and this experience has been no different. As well as imposing chains, The DEVIL offers the chance to commit.   I have always been a great “gunna”. I am going to do this or that, but there is always something more “important” to do first. Well being stuck at home has provided the perfect opportunity to tackle some of those things that I had put off; including viewing some movies that I have always wanted to see, but some-how I had never had the time to sit down and watch.  It also gave me the opportunity to write this article.

Over the years I have learnt that every experience is an opportunity to learn or grow in some way. So, what was the DEVIL teaching me now. (Other than it is better to keep my foot up than take copious painkillers.) I understand that “DEATH” is a major transformation that cannot be avoided; and “The HANGED MAN” is an opportunity to see things from another perspective. When viewed from this perspective, “The DEVIL” becomes a wake-up call rather than something that just highlights our fears and restrictions. It has been an opportunity to review the “cage” or “chains” I have imposed on myself and either change the situation or not.

P.S. It has now been 2 months since my operation and I am now back driving and looking after myself completely; although I still cannot exercise to the level I was doing before (hence my weight is bad, but we don’t talk about that). I have recently been reviewing changes this experience has given me the opportunity to look at and accept. I realised that my home, because of location, is very noisy. I had been putting up with this because the fix (double glazing) was very expensive.  However, after living with the noise 24 hours a day for weeks, I weighed up the choice of spending a lot of money versus having a home that is peaceful and conducive to practising Tarot. My decision has been to “commit” myself to the expense and the comfort of Double-glazed windows; with the understanding that this reduction of available money may restrict my choices for some time until I can earn funds to cover what I spent on the windows.

This has shown me that there are always restrictions in life. The restrictions are either imposed by others or self-imposed because I am afraid or because I am committed. This is just life as it is.

Naomi Towers

Tarot Reader and Teacher, Tarot-Traveller, 0427374654

Vice President, Tarot Guild of Australia