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A Poem – by Martha Adams

The Fool by Martha Adams

As Fool descends the mountain peak,
She has no words,
No need to speak.
Her breath is new,
Her heart is light,
Before her stretches a wondrous sight;
Her inspiration shows the way –
On how to begin a brand new day.
As the mountain breeze lifts her hair,
And the morning sun warms her back,
Fool carries only her lessons, in a little pack-sack.
Fool knows the futures path,
soon to start,
Comes from deep within her heart,
A leap of faith must she make,
Her Soul’s guidance should she take,
And, raising her hand to the heavens above,
Fool receives a white rose Of protection and love.
Where is the party?
Where is the game?
Which way to adventure?
Which way to the fame?
Taking her cue from the sun,
Fool whispers to her small companion,
‘Let’s have some fun!’

Published in the Journal of the Tarot Guild of Australia Inc. The Magician, #38, Summer 2011/2012

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Artwork below by Delma Brunello

Image of The Fool by Delma Brunello