The TGA Committee Members and Supporters

TGA Committee

The Tarot Guild of Australia’s TGA committee members & supporters include a wide variety of Tarot readers, authors, teachers and professionals from all over the Australian Tarot community. Committee members generously donate their time and energy towards building the Tarot Guild of Australia, and help grow interest in the Tarot within Australia and around the world.

Our Committee & Supporters:

President – Karen Seinor
Vice President – (currently vacant)
Secretary – (currently vacant)
Treasurer – Amy Scott-Young
Membership Secretary – Lisa Patten
Technology Director – Cheryl Ford
Social Media & Blog – Shannon Ghioni
Committee Member – Maria Capone
TGA Tarot Talk Podcast – Trish Appleyard

Ex Officio
QLD Group Co-ordinator – Kimothy Ireland
VIC Group Co-ordinator – Karen Gill
NSW Group Co-ordinator – Alice Scott
WA Group Co-ordinator – Dhyani D’Souza


Karen Seinor

President - Karen Seinor

I remember as a little girl my Mother having her cards read and the hushed voices, and later comments about ‘things coming true’.

I have always been interested in how people tick, perhaps that’s because as the daughter of a soldier, we were regularly relocated and I had to make new friends every couple of years.

Books have always had a special place in my life. I think my all time favourite book is Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I have shifted towards audible books in recent times so that my pleasure in books does not create restrictive clutter. Yes, Ive been affected by the minimalism trend.

I have children and grandchildren who are much loved and a wonderful little dog who is a dead ringer for the dog in The Fool card.

I have been a lover of Tarot for many years. I even self-published a major arcana deck and a couple of books on Tarot to help people work with the Tarot Oils ™ which I started working with more than 20 years ago. I’m currently learning to use TikTok and it is quite the hoot!

 Little known facts about me

I spent a week or so in Mongolia in the middle of winter when it was cold enough to freeze your nose hairs and being the only tourist in sight, enjoyed the tour of a lifetime through the museums and galleries there in UB. I love Harley Davidsons and beekeeping.

For Tarot Guild conversations, you can reach me at:

Amy Scott-Young

Treasurer: Amy Scott-Young

I grew up on the Central Coast of NSW in a strictly religious household and although I was drawn to the Tarot early on in life it wasn’t until my 20’s that I actually purchased my first deck.  My collection grew and the Tarot became a great way for me to connect with friends and family for many years.

Now in my 40’s I am the mother of a tremendously compassionate teenage boy whose growing independence has allowed me to delve deeper into the world of the Tarot.  I am a full time visual arts student and it is this “occult science of image making” that fuels my arts practice. As a result, I am currently illustrating the Unveiled: Tarot & Ritual Magick collection from my home studio in Nimbin, NSW and also write the monthly Tarot column for The Nimbin Good Times Newspaper.  

My interests include Medieval Astrology, Ritual Magick and Alchemy, which I believe underpin the systematic framework of the Tarot.  I am also a student of Christopher Warnock’s Astrological Magic Course and of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.



For Tarot Guild conversations, you can reach me at:

Lisa Patten

Membership Secretary: Lisa Patten

From my early teens I have always been fascinated by Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, and divination.  I spent many years teaching myself as well as learning through courses and classes and by meeting people at my local spiritual church in New Zealand.  I love learning about old remedies and ways of living and was a big advocate for naturopathy and homeopathy.

Upon moving to Australia in 2005 I found it hard to find natural medicines and even spiritual groups and with a house fire taking everything we owned including all my old tarot decks, astrology, and numerology books, I kind of moved back into the more physical, materialistic world for a while.  However, in the last few years I began meeting ‘my kind’ of people again, and started rediscovering all those blessings a spiritually guided life can bring, as well as lots of fun creating potions with my much-loved essential oils.

I now work in the disability sector, and we have just recently set up our own business, where my husband and I try to bring enrichment to others through learning about themselves and the skills they have while having as much fun as possible, as well as providing respite care and support.

I am a mother to 2 super interesting kids and lots of furry, feathered, and finned critters, all of whom I love dearly.

For Tarot Guild conversations, you can reach me at:

tga committee cheryl ford

Technology Director: Cheryl Ford

I have 3 wonderful adult children and 4 gorgeous grandchildren: Monica, Leonardo, Murray and Nathaniel.

I fell in love with the Dandenong Ranges where we built our first home in Tecoma. We lived in “The Hills” for over 20 years where we were unfortunately exposed to the harsh tragedies of the Ash Wednesday and Black Saturday fires.

Living with the constant fear of bushfires during our hot and windy Summers, we reluctantly decided to move to the quaint and leafy suburb Berwick. I now live in Pakenham opposite a lovely park with my dog Jasper for company.

I love music from all genres. If it’s good then I love listening to it and depending on my mood, anything from heavy rock to opera and everything in between. I saw Deep Purple live in concert at the age of 13 followed by Led Zepplin, the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd and lots more. Later on I was privileged to enjoy Aida and then Carmen in the round.

I love playing the piano after having lessons later in life, and I regret never pursuing singing lessons as I was too self-conscious and shy. I’m also an avid stamp collector, since my teens.

My main passions are in the esoteric realms such as: Tarot, Astrology, Mythology, Crystals, Numerology and many others modalities.

I am passionate about helping people on their life’s journey through the Tarot and consulting their Astrological charts. I also love teaching the Tarot and many other esoteric modalities.

Interesting little unknown facts about me
I am a Life Long member of Nursing Mothers’ Association (now Australian Breastfeeding Association). I played high level netball, I’m a Badged Umpire, and Coached at Club and Representative Levels. I was Managing Director/Co-Owner of a database management company – Response Computing Pty Ltd.

For Tarot Guild conversations, you can reach Cheryl at:

Shannon Ghioni

Social Media: Shannon Ghioni

My Tarot journey has been a somewhat curious one. It all started around the age of 14. I was gifted The Mythic Tarot [Juliet Sharman-Burke, Liz Greene] by a close family friend, along with a collection of 90s Spiritual Magazines. I wish I still had them now; they were MBS-esque in style.

The magazines were filled with many esoteric topics and varied spiritual information. The Tarot cards were gorgeous, I loved them dearly and would read the purple hardback as though it were a novel. Yet, I always found it difficult to connect with meaning and use the cards. So, they become a prized possession, stored away where only those that mingled with the dust would ever see them.

As the wonder years moved on my interests varied and aside from that Tarot deck in my youth, the realms of spirituality remained untapped until early adulthood.  My beloved and held-dear Grandfather became unexpectedly ill when I was 18 years old, so to cheer me up some girlfriends decided a trip to the local Psychic Fare was exactly what was needed. In amongst purple velvet, the strong scent and ominous cloud of lavender smoke, and thick burning candles within the upstairs corner pub. It was here that I received my first ever Tarot reading [I still have the very muffled cassette recorded encounter].

The cards lay-out before me. Vibrant, mysterious, welcoming. Very different to the Tarot I had first experienced some short years prior. As each card was explained, a personal story unfolded that connected with myself and my very current experiences. The reader, a beautiful person with a dark-purple-lipped smile, wide caring eyes and long painted nails was ever so cautious as it became apparent my current reality was a little disrupted at present. I remember walking away from the reading feeling lighter; shocked and excited, yes…but lighter still. A truly welcomed feeling at the time.

Thankfully, my grandfather would stay with us for several more years and I would find a love and passion that I believe I will keep forever.

Now, I am some years older. A mother to an incredible son, Hector that I share the joys of parenthood co-parenting with his father; and wading through life the best ways possible together. My love for the Tarot has only strengthened over the years, with so much to still learn and love about where this centuries old modality may lead us in these new and exciting modern times.

Little known facts about me

I wanted to be an archaeologist or psychologist as a child. Instead, I have worked in pubs/clubs, retail, as a cleaner, social media strategist, owned a café business, run a Tarot business, have a bachelor’s degree in Internet Communications, have designed and presented spiritual online content for both brands and friends, run a podcast, written and published gaming reviews, collaborated on video game storylines, worked in Administration and am currently studying Nail Enhancements and Design.

For Tarot Guild Social Media and Blog Contributions, you can reach Shannon at:

Maria Capone

Committee Member: Maria Capone

  • My passion is to assist and be of service. I have been on the receiving end of various healing practices due to my cancer and chemo journeys. This sparked a yearning to study and research alternate therapies and anything that seemed mystical. I am an accomplished Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and Shamanic Practitioner. A well respected Psychic Medium that also teaches. It was through a Shamanic workshop that I met a wise woman now a great friend who led me to the Tarot Guild. The allegory and symbology of the cards is what attracted me, and more so the story of the artist. As a psychic medium sharing stories for healing came naturally. The tarot simply provided me with a tool. Other interests that I have and practice are psychometry, numerology, tasseography, and floromancy to name a few.

I have always volunteered in my community as I enjoy the connection with interesting people of all ages, cultures and beliefs.

TGA Committee

TGA Tarot Talk Podcast: Trish Appleyard

Trish hosts and co-ordinates the TGA Tarot Talk Podcast, and helps out a little with the TGA website (it really is a beast!) 😊 She is also co-ordinating the new Tarot Meanings project with Maria Capone.

Trish runs her own business, The Book and the Key, doing Akashic Records work, energy and pendulum healing, card divination and teaching all of the above. The Lenormand card system was her first love in the cartomancy field, and her site,, has a growing list of Lenormand card meanings and combination tables.

Trish loves working with and studying the Tarot, mainly using the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) interpretations but! She also loves learning about Thoth and Marseilles meanings and analysis also.

Trish has been a therapist, teacher, trader and university academic prior to her current career as a spiritual professional in this her fifth decade of life.

Trish became a Reiki Master in her teens and has continued using and learning Reiki throughout her life (now at Level 6 of the 7 Level System lineage). She became a certified massage therapist in Canada in her early twenties and studied natural therapies and manual healing around the world and in Brisbane, Australia.

She has advanced certifications in Akashic Records work (Linda Howe Centre for Akashic Studies) and loves to study spiritual and personal development of all kinds.

Trish is also an avid reader (and viewer) of sci-fi and fantasy! And most importantly, she loves cats.

You can catch her on Instagram, @thebookandthekey, and on YouTube under the same name.

For enquiries regarding the TGA Tarot Talk Podcast or the Tarot Meanings project, do reach out and send an email to

Sharon Gill

VIC Group Coordinator & Ex Officio Committee Member: Karen Gill

Where to start?

I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life, moved around to different areas and it’s true you can notice a different vibe in each area.  But I must say my favourite place is down by the beach in Edithvale.

I went to the spiritualist church and learnt about Tarot in my 20s, then life got busy with two children.  It was at that time Tarot and the spiritual world got pushed to the back and a split parental working life ensued.  I’ve worked in many different industries, which has been valuable in obtaining many skills.

My passion was always the spiritual world and how to share that with people, to help make a difference in their lives.  So, in came the study, life coach, counselling (Holistic and Mainstream), NLP, Reiki, and a few others.  I learnt Tarot again, with a professional member of the Guild, Kate Ellis.  It was then Tarot spoke to me in a different way.  So of course, I wanted to share that with others.

Earlier on, I spent time on a few psychic lines and from listening to the various callers, I wanted to find a way to assist those whose hearts had been broken many times over.  To understand where they were coming from, I experienced the twin flame journey, through research and touching on the meanings through ancient texts.  I created a Tarot course to help empower individuals bringing them back to their heart centre and understand and strengthen who they are.  I called it, Walking the Tarot Pathway.  It gives you the low down on the lessons that are needed to be learnt without going through the painful experiences with another person.

I’ve also combined Reiki with Tarot, and self-published a deck; called “The Divine Expression of Reiki”. Which you can take a peek at on my website.

I have an Instagram page (in_spirational_convo_sations, where I must do some more writing and posting on.  Where does the time go?  I’ve also Facilitated a few online Meet up meetings, which drew in some wonderful readers and learners.

I’m really looking forward to being in the role as the Victorian Coordinator of the Guild.

For Tarot Guild conversations, you can reach me at:

Kimothy Ireland

QLD Group Coordinator & Ex Officio Committee Member: Kimothy Ireland

I will always have questions. I question everything. I was, and still am, that bratty annoying kid, who innocently speaks truth, and is always asking many questions. I especially continually question myself; does my internal life reflect in my interactions with the external world? Are these beneficial and/or effective? How can I improve and strengthen communication between the many dualities within this life?

I’ve embraced an eternal student mindset of the Metaphysical world and am interested in all esoteric knowledge.  The divination of Tarot for spiritual guidance has become my focus,with my interpretations rise from a deep pool of eclectic metaphysical data. I embrace all religion, mythology, philosophy, and astrology globally, believing each of them have their own unique pearls of wisdom that I may glean.

My enthusiasm for Tarot spans nearly thirty years, reading professionally for ten of those. I credit Tarot as the greatest tool for my own emotional, spiritual and alchemical evolution. My continual effort to understand, and respect my inner world, has only ever been beneficial within the 3D external reality. Through my inner exploration, responsibility and acceptance of my true self, the great divide has shortened in my interactions with others. I’m finding greater satisfaction, sometimes even joy, when communicating with others (external world), simply through living this age-old common advice of ‘knowing thyself’.

I enjoy sharing the gift of Tarot with others. Through Tarot divination for others, or directing others in the divination of Tarot for themselves, I hope to empower these individuals, so they importantly can become authors of their own reality, creating their own spiritual autonomy within this life.

I’m No Expert. No Guru. No Master. But I will always have more questions.

For Tarot Guild conversations, you can reach me at:

Alice Scott

NSW Group Coordinator & Ex Officio Committee Member: Alice Scott

I have always been interested in metaphysical subjects. I have a busy family so had to explore that path when I was able to dive into the area with more time and dedication. I found Tarot through Astrology and a community of like-minded seekers. I have followed many twists and turns in trekking the road less travelled. I am a lifelong student and have gathered formal studies in Tarot, Astrology, Meditation teaching, Aromatherapy, Energy Healing, Crystals and more – do you get the drift!  My professional career also spurred the interests, as I knew where to find inspiration having worked in book fields like libraries and publishing.

I live in the Northern Beaches, Sydney, where the bush meets the ocean. We have an organic veggie garden. It makes you aware of the seasons, being grounded, sustainable, practical and co-creative with nature. I am an avid DIYer.

Dhyani D'Souza

WA Group Coordinator & Ex Officio Committee Member: Dhyani D’Souza

I am a Kiwi living in Perth with my husband and two very spoilt fur-babies, Suki and Coco.

Before moving to Perth, I lived in Melbourne and loved the culture there and have considered moving back to be closer to family.

Now retired after a long career in Hospitality I waited on many community members from celebrities, politicians and the likes of you and me.

This is where I learned about customer service and taking care of people, being around them celebrating special milestones, and creating special memories for them.

I was in Church one day listening to the Minister, and whilst sitting in the pew I came to the realisation that there was something greater than what I was experiencing in that moment.

This put me on a journey of highs and lows of self-discovery which led me to time in India, taking Sannyas and accepting Dhyani as my name. It means meditation, so I am on notice on a daily basis.

On my journey, I was introduced to the Tarot and read the Tarot for others a few years back in a small market stall for 2 years, but then put the cards down for reasons I cannot explain.

Picking up the cards up again nearly three years ago. I completed ‘The Biddy Tarot Certification’ and I am now currently setting up business.

In my readings I have taken to using both the Tarot and Oracle cards. And have found it brings a depth to my readings that otherwise may not have.

Taking on the role of Co-ordinator for Perth has me scared and excited at the same time. I look forward to this role learning and growing plus doing the best I can.

One of my goals at this end of my life is to be of service and working in the light to the betterment of humankind.