The TGA Committee

TGA Committee

The Tarot Guild of Australia’s TGA committee members include a wide variety of Tarot readers, authors, teachers and professionals from all over the Australian Tarot community. Committee members generously donate their time and energy towards building the Tarot Guild of Australia, and help grow interest in the Tarot within Australia and around the world.

Our Committee:

President & Secretary – Karen Seinor
Vice President – Molly Talbot
Treasurer –
Amy Scott-Young

Membership Secretary – Lisa Patten
Technology Director – Cheryl Ford
Social Media Contact – Shannon Ghioni
Committee Member – Naomi Towers
Committee Member – Monica Di Luzio
Committee Member – Maria Capone

Ex Officio
QLD Group Co-ordinator – Delma Brunello
NSW Group Co-ordinator –
Molly Talbot

WA Group Co-ordinator – Jo Watkins


Karen Seinor - Tarot Reader VIC/NSW

President & Social Media Contact - Karen Seinor

I remember as a little girl my Mother having her cards read and the hushed voices, and later comments about ‘things coming true’.

I have always been interested in how people tick, perhaps that’s because as the daughter of a soldier, we were regularly relocated and I had to make new friends every couple of years.

Books have always had a special place in my life. I think my all time favourite book is Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I have shifted towards audible books in recent times so that my pleasure in books does not create restrictive clutter. Yes, Ive been affected by the minimalism trend.

I have children and grandchildren who are much loved and a wonderful little dog who is a dead ringer for the dog in The Fool card.

I have been a lover of Tarot for many years. I even self-published a major arcana deck and a couple of books on Tarot to help people work with the Tarot Oils ™ which I started working with more than 20 years ago.

 Little known facts about me

I spent a week or so in Mongolia in the middle of winter when it was cold enough to freeze your nose hairs and being the only tourist in sight, enjoyed the tour of a lifetime through the museums and galleries there in UB. I love Harley Davidsons and beekeeping.

Committee Member Molly Talbot

Vice President & NSW Group Coordinator: Molly Talbot

Do you believe in fate? I do.

In 1966 I was invited to a party in London which changed my life. There I met an Australian guy with whom I had a relationship for three years, prior to immigrating to Melbourne as a ten pound POME. After a rocky period, we broke up and I went to live in Perth for eight months. I subsequently took the Indian Pacific to Sydney for sightseeing and intending to go on to Melbourne, but never got there! I had an instant love affair with Sydney and stayed.

It was meant to be as fate intervened again. In 1983 I went to a meeting to support my astrology teacher Chris Turner who was speaking. There I met an American, Ted, who invited me out. Subsequently, we became a couple and spent four months cruising the Whitsundays on his yacht. We married in 1986 and live in the beachside suburb of Freshwater.

Who would have thought as a young English girl, I would move to Australia where I would marry an American?! As you can imagine, we’ve had some wonderful holidays visiting family and friends in our two countries of birth.

So next time the Wheel of Fortune comes up, be prepared to grab the opportunities that come your way.

Molly is an insightful reader and teacher who has been offering understanding and practical guidance to clients and students for over 25 years. Her extensive experience enhances the depth and quality of her work. She integrates her knowledge of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology to provide a fresh view into what is happening in your life and empower you to move forward.

Molly is a regular speaker at both Tarot and Astrology conferences and meetings. Molly is a Professional member of both the Tarot Guild of Australia and the Association of Professional Astrologers.

tga committee cheryl ford

Technology Director: Cheryl Ford

I have 3 wonderful adult children and 4 gorgeous grandchildren: Monica, Leonardo, Murray and Nathaniel.

I fell in love with the Dandenong Ranges where we built our first home in Tecoma. We lived in “The Hills” for over 20 years where we were unfortunately exposed to the harsh tragedies of the Ash Wednesday and Black Saturday fires.

Living with the constant fear of bushfires during our hot and windy Summers, we reluctantly decided to move to the quaint and leafy suburb Berwick. I now live in Pakenham opposite a lovely park with my dog Jasper for company.

I love music from all genres. If it’s good then I love listening to it and depending on my mood, anything from heavy rock to opera and everything in between. I saw Deep Purple live in concert at the age of 13 followed by Led Zepplin, the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd and lots more. Later on I was privileged to enjoy Aida and then Carmen in the round.

I love playing the piano after having lessons later in life, and I regret never pursuing singing lessons as I was too self-conscious and shy. I’m also an avid stamp collector, since my teens.

My main passions are in the esoteric realms such as: Tarot, Astrology, Mythology, Crystals, Numerology and many others modalities.

I am passionate about helping people on their life’s journey through the Tarot and consulting their Astrological charts. I also love teaching the Tarot and many other esoteric modalities.

Interesting little unknown facts about me
I am a Life Long member of Nursing Mothers’ Association (now Australian Breastfeeding Association). I played high level netball, I’m a Badged Umpire, and Coached at Club and Representative Levels. I was Managing Director/Co-Owner of a database management company – Response Computing Pty Ltd.

Amy Scott-Young

Treasurer: Amy Scott-Young

I am a mother and a wife (together since 2006) but currently separated to get some much-needed space.

Although I have quite a few years of secretarial experience, my expertise is in the field of Early Childhood Education with a Montessori focus.  After spending many years in this field, as well as home-schooling my own son throughout his primary school years, this is a career I have decided not to pursue any further.

My relationship and career choices have often demanded excessive amounts of labour that were highly undervalued.  So, I am currently spending some well-deserved time pursuing the things that I value most: the Tarot and traditional chalk drawing.

Since early adulthood, the colour palettes and whimsical imagery of more modern Tarot decks has always resolved my desire to be surrounded by aesthetic beauty.  While the themes and structure of the Rider Waite Smith deck fulfilled my need to gain a greater understanding of the world around me; largely through self-reflection but also through the wealth of knowledge accumulated throughout the ages.

In 2021, I did extensive research into the imagery of the Tarot and experimented with creating my own Tarot illustrations.  I had many of those illustrations published in my local community newspaper, The Nimbin Good Times, and was also interviewed for a podcast aimed at amplifying the voices of female artists.

I am currently a full time Visual Arts student and am also completing a course on the ancient art of astrological image making.  I am continuing to experiment with creating my own tarot illustrations and, although it is a very big task for a traditional artist, I do aspire to one day creating a 78-card tarot deck of my own.

Naomi Towers

Committee Member: Naomi Towers

I have been a widow since 2000 when my husband of 20 years died. I am the loving mother of one son who lives in Queensland with his wife and my 3 wonderful granddaughters.

Originally my career was in IT (computers). I had 36 years in that industry before I was retired (made redundant). Most of that time I was in management so while I know a lot about people and what makes them tick, do NOT expect me to know much about computers and anything technology focused. (My knowledge in that area is out of the dinosaur era).

When I left that industry, I needed to do something else, so I intensified my studies into Tarot and Astrology (and other esoteric areas); and (because it was an obvious fit) became a Property Developer. Now I read and teach Tarot (combined with other esoteric modalities) and as a Life Counsellor, travel to my clients for individual readings, parties, functions or corporate events.

I attempt to keep reasonably fit, so I walk my two dogs every day; I play golf (badly) every week and I attend Yoga and Zumba classes weekly. As I love dancing (any style… including Ballroom, Latin, Rock & Roll, Swing, Line Dancing, etc.), I dance whenever I get the opportunity.

I have become a very active member of the Nunawading branch of U3A (University of the 3rd Age) where I teach all levels of Tarot as well as attend other classes and demonstrations.

Apart from U3A, I run Tarot courses for all levels, (both group classes and individual private training). Contact me for dates, times and prices.

Interesting little unknown facts about me
I first learned to dance at the age of 4 and danced professionally onstage (in a pantomime at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne) at the age of 6. In 2009, as part of a two-week retreat in Sedona USA, I had the incredible opportunity to attend a World Wide Native Peoples Gathering.

Delma Brunello

QLD Group Coordinator & Ex Officio Committee Member: Delma Brunello

Many years ago having retired from the workforce, I decided to enrol in U3A. I looked for something different to do and landed upon a tarot class.  I knew nothing about this thing called Tarot.

This experience opened up a whole new world for me. I was fascinated by how these little pictures on pieces of card could tell so many stories about people and their lives.

 I was skeptical at first but I continued to try to master the cards- learning the many many interpretations and trying my skills on friends and family. Finally I joined the Tarot Guild and ended up doing the exam to became a professional member.

But there was a problem- I knew no one in Brisbane who was “into” Tarot.

After a trip to Melbourne where I attended the Tarot conference,it occurred to me that I might consider becoming the coordinator of a Brisbane group.

So that’s what happened. I set about contacting Tarot teachers,spiritual shops and individual readers and soon had collected a number of interested people.

We now have a number of regulars and each meeting we welcome one or two new non members who are interested to learn.

Covid has dampened our enthusiasm a little as we were on a roll with frequent speakers lined up from Sydney and Melbourne. This was when I was forced to draw on our own expertise. I was very pleasantly surprised at how many skilled and knowledgeable readers we had in our own group.

I have learned a lot in the last few years and made many new friends through my interest in Tarot.

Jo Watkins

WA Group Coordinator & Ex Officio Committee Member: Jo Watkins

Hello Tarot Guild members, my name is Joanne (Jo) Watkins. I have been truly blessed, having my faithful Rider Waite-Smith deck always by my side over many, many decades.

I am a 1966 vintage Virgo and blessed to have two beautiful fire sign (Leo, Aries) children. Through the love of drawing and writing, I created and self-published the Change of Life Tarot deck in 2020 and in 2022 self-published 78 Shades of colouring-in tarot book. My latest project is my second tarot deck, 78 Shades of Colour, which is currently in the hands of God’s regarding being published through a publisher; fingers crossed.

My first connection with the Tarot began through the cards’ illustrations (RWS). The meaning and history of the Artwork and symbols fascinated me, and I was captivated by the concept that each card held a unique story. Not long after, I was reading the cards. My transition from reading the cards to teaching how to read them happened through coincidences (and we all know there is no such thing as coincidences! This journey began in 2008 after I had just finished a reading. The client asked if I would be interested in teaching Tarot through Perth’s TAFE (learning institution). “Why not?” I thought and happily devoted four years to teaching Tarot throughout Perth’s TAFE institutions. Then, one day I had an epiphany: to venture away from Perth and move to South West of Perth. Naturally, I followed that vision! Once I was settled into my new home, I contacted the TAFE Institute in the South West to apply for a teaching position. To my dismay, they refused to acknowledge my four years of service teaching in Perth, despite a letter of recommendation from the Perth office. They were adamant – the subject of Tarot was not welcome in the South West. I was heartbroken! Through sheer determination, I resolved to source another institution to promote my teaching of Tarot. I scoured the local papers and the internet, searching for an alternative place to teach. I discovered an Adult Community Learning Centre in Bunbury and contacted to discuss a teaching position. The Coordinator of the Centre hadn’t heard of a Tarot card teacher. They posted an ad on their website to determine any interest. The class filled very quickly!

A few years later, I felt the need to return home to Perth. I often thought about the many students I had taught and wondered where they were on their journeys, which led me to investigate what was offered to like-minded Tarot enthusiasts. Along the way, I discovered The Tarot Guild of Australia and became a member. I decided to compile a number of my teaching notes into a learning guide book titled Tarot For Beginners, I self-published the book, and it was printed in Western Australia.

In 2017, after contacting Kim Arnold (the Founder of the UK Tarot Conference in London), I was offered an opportunity to be a key speaker at the Conference. The following year, I returned as a guest speaker, which encouraged me to write a book based on my talk, The Oracle within Tarot.  I now believe I had the confidence to establish a Tarot society in Perth, W.A. In 2018, I contacted the TGA to sit for the Professional Member’s exam. I passed the exam and followed up with the TGA about opening a TGA – Perth group. Now established in Perth, TGA – Perth promises to be a welcoming and supportive centre for all interested in the Tarot. The Tarot Guild of Australia – Perth branch is located at Dorchester Hall 2 Dugdale Street Warwick and officially opened on 6th March 2019. With the help of an exceptional friend Christa McIntyre and volunteers, we hold Monthly meetings on the first Saturday of the month.