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The Hierophant - a Poem by Martha Adams

The Hierophant helps us to perceive
Thank in which we must believe
To make our world a safer place
To fill our days with care and grace
In many aspects does His voice
Help the masses to rejoice
In things we only understand
Through the Ritual at his command
About the right way, does he preach
About the right way, does he teach
So what is right and what is wrong
What is weak and what is strong?
The key to culture in his hand does he hold
And our histories does he uphold
The righteous have their place in his sight
The bad condemned to darkest night
He plays a most important a role
In our worldly tale
And creates tradition so we cannot fail
To move together
To be as one
He speaks on Earth
For God’s only Son
Our link between the mundane and Divine
Ruler of our consciousness
A keeper of time
Of things beautiful and bright
Great and small
The Hierophant speaks it all
But does the Hierophant truly know
All it takes to grow a Soul?

Martha Adams,

Copyright 2011

Published in the Journal of the Tarot Guild of Australia Inc. The Magician, #37, Winter/Spring 2011
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Magician Issue 37