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My Journey to “The Magician” – by Rose Monaco

My Journey to "The Magician" - by Rose Monaco

When the universe conspires to co-create with us, we can’t miss its magic! All is lined up, and just like a domino effect, all flows like a beautiful piece of music!

This is how it felt from start to finish in creating my beautiful tarot deck, ‘The Magician’.

My name is Rose Monaco, I am a new Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia, and I’m from Perth, Western Australia.

I have been intrigued and fascinated by the tarot since my teens.  Always sneaking in the library occult section, hiding my curiosity from those around me, as tarot was always seen as mysterious and scary. Growing up Italian and Catholic, it was said that it was connected to the devil.  Even though I was a little scared, it didn’t stop me! When I would get home from the library, I would hide the books at the bottom of my wardrobe in my room, and I would look for excuses for an early night so I could sit with a torch on under my blanket reading about the tarot.

I bought my first tarot deck when I was 18, and used them my own way, until I was properly trained with a teacher over 20 years ago.

I originally began as a tarot reader and then over time, I was guided to teach.  I taught tarot over many years.  The more I taught the tarot, the more I learned. It’s as though the tarot shed layers and let me in deeper. My classes evolved over time, and every class deepened the learning of the previous one. My notes continued to change over the 20 years.

I work closely with the Angelic Realm and my angels were telling me to remove the stigma and fear in the tarot, and let it be seen as a tool to be used to navigate through life. Most people that crossed my path were intrigued yet afraid of the tarot. So, over time I shared how the tarot has helped me navigate through my own life, identifying myself with  “The Fool” who found their way in the world.

In March 2019, I went to Bali for the very first time. I was there to arrange an October retreat  in Ubud  for the release of my first book, ‘An Inside Job – A practical guide to finding your true self’. My friends in Bali own the ‘Pyramids of Chi’ and they said, “Rose, what we need is a tarot deck here. One like you explain them. If you create a deck, we will sell them here.”  I’d never thought of creating my own tarot deck, but the universe had its own plan.

My Journey to "The Magician" - by Rose Monaco

So, I came home and published my book.  I then approached my daughter’s friend, who had completed his Masters in Fine Arts, to see if he was interested in doing some drawings for me. He knew nothing of the tarot and was still fresh out of university. So we both took a leap of faith and said, “Let’s give it a go!”.

In May 2019 he began doing some sketches for me.  I didn’t have very much money, so I thought if he did a drawing every week, I might be able to afford it in time. I thought it would take a couple of years to create. My artist was so excited that in just a couple of weeks he was creating up to 3 images in one week! I began to worry…. How was I going to afford to pay for these?

On the last Friday of June 2019, I was telling one of my friends how impossible this was going to be, and he said, “Well, you talk to your angels, have you asked them for help?”. I did roll my eyes a little… of course I hadn’t asked them! I looked up in the air and said, “If you want this tarot, I can’t do it on my own. You will have to help me. I want a sign by Monday, otherwise I’m going to have to put this tarot deck on the backburner for a while.”

The next morning, I went to have coffee with one of my girlfriends and I got a call to say that there had been a small windfall that I was a part of, and I was to go and collect the winnings on Monday. The amount I received was the exact amount for designing, printing and shipment. Right down to the last dollar, which was spent getting them through customs!

By December 2019, they went to print, and I held my first deck in my hands in January 2020. I remember opening up the box from that first shipment and seeing my name on my very own tarot deck! Taking the cards out, going through each image and seeing the beauty in each individual card, I just couldn’t believe how it happened. My lucky number is 8, and it took 8 months to design, create, and hold my very first deck.

This was definitely an inspired journey from the beginning to the end, and today my deck is being used worldwide. I have taught many with my own format, using my own little changes to help inspire others to grow on their path through the challenges and successes of life and become happier within themselves.

I believe the universe conspires to create through us, and ‘The Magician’ is most definitely a creation I am proud of.

Rose Monaco is an International Published Author of “An Inside Job – A practical guide to finding your true self” & “The Magician” tarot deck

Podcast Host – ‘An Inside Job with Rose’

Tarot Master – Professional Member of Tarot Guild of Australia

Motivational Speaker & Mentor

Visit Rose’s website at